Valve bags

Valve bags - bag filling

Our range of bag fillers for valve bags includes everything from semi-automatic to fully automatic systems.

For bag weights 5-50 kg.

Valve bag filler


Semi-automatic bag filler for valve bags


All types of valve bags, paper, paper with PE-inner liner, PE-sack, Woven polypropylene bag.

Automatic filling.

Hygienic and compact design.

Easy to clean when replacing the product thanks to the pull-out screw.

Prepared for automatic bag placer.

Made of mild steel with product contact parts in stainless steel.

Approved weighing according to MID.

Swedish manufacturing and service.


Manufacture in stainless steel (SS).

Manufacture in washable design (SSW).

Net or gross weighing.


Bag shaker.

Automatic bag remover.

Automatic bag placer (Servus).

Technical data Screwpac

Capacity: Up to 200 bags/h

Weight: 300 kg

Valve size: 10 - 18 cm

Power suppy: 3 x 400 V + N, 4 kW

Air consumption: 6 Nl/bag with 6 bar


Automatic bag placer for valve bags


Can handle most types of valve bags.

Quick and safe operation.

Manufacturing material mild steel, aluminum.

A clean and compact design.

Supplied as a complete unit electrically connected.

Swedish manufacturing and service.


Side shifting for operation of two fillers.

Technical data Servus: 

Capacity: Up to 600 bags/h

Weight: 250 kg

Electrical consumption: 3 x 400 V + N, 0.55 kW

Air consumption: 2/bags with  6 bar NI/bags

Bag type: Valve bag


Paper with PE inner liner

PE bag

Valve bag filler