Pallet loader

Pallet loader

As a supplement to our bag filling machines we also have a wide range of pallet loaders with capacity up to 1600 s/h.

Pallet loader
Pallet loader

Palletising robot

Unique grapple tool for both sack, empty pallets and sheet

The lightweight grapple tool increases speed and payload.
Side press minimizes overhang on finished pallet.
Soft release gently lays bag on pallet without drop height.
Automatic built-in height measurement of pallets for loading regardless of bag height.
Press urinating forms the top of the bag.
The robot's and gripper's functions are fully supported in ABB's palletization software. 

4-axis design optimized for Pallettering

Shorter cycle times, lower weight on the robot arm, higher payload.

A wide range of lifting and gripping equipment, as well as vacuum devices, means that there is a suitable tool for every particular need.

Can be equipped with:

Lifting equipment, Automatic pallet handling and Sheet handling kit


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Service/spare parts forfillers, palletizers and bag emptiers

Develops & manufactures sack filling systems for food, chemistry & feed industry

Complete system for sacked products