The company is founded by Vilhelm Bäckman with the mill industry as its main market.



The factory is being destroyed by fire but is being rebuilt.

A brand new factory of 4000 square meters is being built and the business is focused on dry powders and granules.



The first fully automatic bag filler Autopac is delivered.

Vebe gets new private owners and the focus will now be to strengthen the company's position in the market as a complete powder partner.



Focus on sack filling and palletization

The new generation Autopac EC is launched.



Vebe gets new owners, it is now Karnell who is the owner of Vebe.

The company

VEBE is an engineering company with its own manufacturing and service of customized powder handling systems.

Vebe Teknik shall expand on world market

Vebe 100 years

Issue 1-2021. The 100-year-old who stepped onto the international market. An article about Vebe Teknik AB.

We develop and manufacture sack filling systems for the food, chemical and feed industries. We help our customers to get rational production.

Our knowledge in, and long experience of, handling powders and granules is gathered in the following areas:

  • Bag filling and palletizing - Bagging machines and palletizers for a cost-effective packing solutions.

  • Bag emptying and handling - Big-bag discharger, small bag discharger, silo emptying and storage.

Our system solutions are developed on an overall basis and with the focus on customer benefit. The projects often require customisation.

In the course of our work we have specialized in design of process facilities within emptying, handling and filling of powder and granules. In conjunction with the customer we undertake to implement comprehensive projects from design to delivery, installation, commissioning and service agreement.

We have developed weighing systems that are type-approved according to the MID directive, see Cert.

With over 100 years of experience in solutions in powder and granular handling, Vebe has developed a solid know-how that today benefits our customers. The older generation has generously shared their knowledge with the younger one.

A broad engineering know-how, extensive product development and high-quality manufacturing have given us expertise that makes us at the forefront of development in the field.

Vebe has over the years delivered facilities and equipment to the market-leading process industry in all industries worldwide. Through competent and purposeful product development work, extensive training and follow-up of delivered facilities, we continue to be one of the country's leading suppliers of sack filling systems.

Our customers can rely on our total responsibility.

An order from Vebe provides optimal delivery security.

Vebe develops and manufactures sack systems for both valve and open bags, hose fillers and flat foil, as well as for large bag handling for both filling and emptying. The design can be for manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic systems.

Vebe has developed its own product range adapted to meet the increasing requirements for traceability and hygiene in the processes. This design helps the customer to get a faster and easier cleaning when, for example, changing the product in the process.

We develop optimum energy solutions together with the customer.





Service/spare parts forfillers, palletizers and bag emptiers

Develops and manufactures sack filling systems for food, chemistry and feed industry

Complete system for sacked products