Palletising robot meets Henkel's high demands on precision

High demands on precision led Henkel to choose palingrobot from us

Henkel in Norrköping handles large quantities of glue. To meet increased requirements for exibility and precision, they asked Vebe to custom build a robot loader with double lifting tools.

Henkel is a massive group which distributes a large range of products to consumers and com- panies all around the world. Among other items, Henkel’s hot melt adhesive factory in Norrköping produces centimetre-large pellets of hot melt adhesive which are packaged and sold onward to industry in both Europe and Russia.

In 2013, Henkel contacted Vebe with a request for a new palletising machine.

"We already had good experience with Vebe Teknik and were looking for a new palletising robot that, with high precision, would be able to place both sacks

and cartons on EU pallets with high precision," says Tommy Persson, project coordinator at Henkel's glue factory in Norrköping.

Two-tool palletising robot

The solution was a custom-made ABB palletizing robot with dual lifting functions. One fork tool moves cartons. The second is a specially designed tool that Vebe developed to handle filled 20-kilo bags with pellets with high accuracy. 

”We had previously problems with our bags and boxes ending up at an angle on the pallets before being transferred to lorries. We therefore placed higher requirements on precision”, Tommy Persson says.

Vebe's palletising robot has now been in operation in Norrköping since 2013, and Tommy says that it is very pleased with the result – so pleased that Henkel 2015 bought another robot solution from Vebe.

"Our previous palletising robot was old and worn with a lot of downtime as a result. It is a problem that we have completely overcome now. We have not had any problems with the handling of sacks and cartons since we introduced Vebe's robotic solutions. Both machines meet our demands on precision and speed by far," says Tommy Persson.

The switch between the different lifting tools is quick, allowing operators to easily switch the palletizing process from sack to carton. As a bonus, you have also got a reading function that keeps track of the height bags and cartons on the pallets. The reading allows you to avoid damaging tools or materials during handling.